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S25Phone is a complex tool designed for Palm OS® powered PDA devices. The original intention was to provide tool for getting information about phone status and GSM network. The latest version offers management of directory and messages (SMS).


Product is available in two versions - Lite and Full. Lite (freeware) version has some limitations and small memory footprint. Full (shareware) version is not limited in any way and is bigger. You must purchase license key to use it legally!


This program requires Palm OS® powered handheld and compatible mobile phone.
Check compatibility chart for supported versions of OS and phone models.


  • Get information about phone and SIM card (firmware, IMEI, IMSI, SIM S#)
  • Get network info (status, signal quality, BTS info)
  • Load / Save / Edit / Export phone directory
  • Send / Receive / Export messages (incl. flash and 8-bit)
  • Support for Hebrew, Central & Eastern European encodings in SMS messages
  • Bluetooth support
  • Display logo & ring tone management


Get the latest version from download page.


Single user license is offered exclusively at PalmGear.com for $ 9.95 - buy now!


Version history is available on this page.